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Whatís New - WinORSai

Microsoft Office ® Compatibility

WinORS continues to evolve.  Version 3.0, the next major release of WinORSai, will have superior support for the Microsoft Office ® product series. The new version 3  series of the WinORS analytical system will have a look and feel that is truly Microsoft Excel-like.  While WinORS is not designed to be an Excel replacement, it is important to leverage the learning curve most users develop from their initial introduction to a computer.

Consulting - Advances in ALM and RBF-ANN

The NKD Group modeling team has reached a new level of sophistication in its modeling capabilities. Based on recently published results generated by optimizers in the WinORS software product, the consulting division has just recently extended its asset-liability-management skills to the property-liability insurer.

Working with one the Nationís largest pharmaceutical firms, the consulting division has just recently demonstrated the ability of our proprietarily enhanced version of the Kajiji-4 radial basis function neural network to classify and forecast the performance of new drug discovery. In a blind international competition the Kajiji-4 results were found to be superior in all tests.

Past, Present, and Future

  • 1987:  DOS based ORS released to the operations research community.
  • 1989:  DOS based ORS extended to include basic financial analysis
  • 1991:  DOS based ORS linked to external data (e.g., Compustat tapes).
  • 1995:  Windows prototype version released as the new product WinORS .
  • 1998:  WinORS formally released to the international community (non - U.S.) as a 16-bit version.
  • 2000:  WinORS 32-bit prototype released.
  • 2001:  Support extended to include FX analysis.  Name change to WinORSfx.
  • 2003:  Increased support for external data (e.g., Yahoo, Economagic, Pacific Data, and others).
  • 2004:  Support for report generation in Microsoft Word.
  • 2004:  Release of WinORSfx Version 3.x for a Microsoft Office ® look and feel.
  • 2005:  Name Change to WinORSai to reflect increased support for artificial learning methods.
  • 2005:  Expanded support for quantitative portfolio analytics.
  • 2005:  New bond analytic portfolio and hedging methods.
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