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    1. Technical questions only -- about WinORS or other products of the NKD Group may be posted.
    2. Please -- no objectionable language, disparaging words, or otherwise hateful conduct.


    Technical Support

    E-mail: Support@NKD-Group.com

    Fax: +1 309 408 5818

    Account Status

    E-mail: Accounting@NKD-Group.com

    Fax: +1 309 408 5818


    E-mail: Registration@NKD-Grooup.com

    Fax: +1 309 408 5818

    The NKD Group provides technical support is provided by e-mail and fax.

    Customers can expect prompt, meaningful, and courteous replies to their important support questions.

    To all studentsplease do not expect the staff of The NKD Group to answer specific questions about homework assignments or term projects.


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