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    A Common Gateway for Quantitative Scientific Inquiry and Decision Analysis

    WinORSe-AI is the full-featured computational system designed to bring financial analytics with real-time data to the academic classroom or to your business.  The software has proven adaptable to specific vertical industry needs.

    Unique: What makes the basic WinORSe-AI system so uniquely refreshing? The extreme integration of all computational components.  For example, capital budgeting modules compute all major ranking measures; but, with the click of mouse it is possible to generate a constrained zero-one optimization problem for advanced constrained analysis.

    Familiar: WinORSe-AI uses a spreadsheet style interface for data entry and management. The current version of WinORSai supports all data clipboard entries for easy movement between other productivity software.

    Data: WinORSe-AI does more than simply load data into cells. The WinORSe-AI data support is real-time.  Managers and students alike will find it straightforward to build option hedges and spreads with near real-time data! Date matching, self organizing, just plain easy data import and alignment.

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    The Academic Learning Community

    WinORSe-AI is the integrated analytical software that has been expressly designed for the academic environment.  Serving academic programs in finance, operations research, education, chemical and biological engineering, students learn how to incorporate state-of-the art methods in a report-driven environment.

    The Pharmaceutical Industry

    WinORSRx has been developed to meet the exacting needs of the chemical and biological engineering research industry. Utilizing large database structures, multiple processor operating environments, and extensive 3-D graphics, the system is a mature computational environment for large simulations and exciting new drug discovery inquiry.  Trial version is not available for this product.

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