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Internet-based Financial and Economic Data

WinORS supports direct import of data from a number of different Internet data vendors. If you can see it in a browser, WinORS can import it.  But, not only does WinORS import the data it also:

  1. Automatically date aligns the imported data across different time frames
  2. Automatically error checks for out-of-range observations
  3. Automatically enters a missing value code (a period) for N/A or missing data


Country Support - Security and Futures Prices

This screen presents the dialog box used to indicate which country database to load. Data sources are both proprietary and customized using the customerís data (for institutional purchases).  WinORS works with Compustat, CRSP, PACAP, and other popular academic databases.

Yahoo! The Preferred Site for Domestic Security Prices and Returns

Domestic stock prices and their returns are fetched directly from Yahoo! finance.  When the data is not available from Yahoo!, the proprietary WinORS online data is used.

Pacific Exchange - The Preferred Site for Daily FX Data

Pacific Data is the source for all daily FX data used in WinORS models and calculations.  Once the data is viewed in the spreadsheet WinORS imports directly into its spreadsheet.

Economagic - The Preferred Site for Domestic Economic Data

Economagic has a comprehensive presentation of free government data.  WinORS imports government produced data from this site and others.  Proprietary data at this site is not supported for import to WinORS.

Of course, there is an ongoing program to add more data sites

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