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    Need printed output directly to a Microsoft Word file? No problem!

    Each WinORS application is supported with a preprogrammed print report option. As with any spreadsheet based system, simply go to the Print menu to get started. However, this is where the similarities end. You will find the unique WinORS Reports tab on the print menu.

    Select the Reports Tab to see the WinORS applications with preset report output.

    Report Destination allows you to direct printed output to a selected printer or directly to a Microsoft Word file. Subsequent reports may be appended to the same Word document.

    Click on the appropriate radio button to choose the application solution components you want to print.

    Click OK and thatís it. Oh... so, you donít want to print from within WinORS. Instead, you would like to copy WinORS results to another spreadsheet or word processor for further analysis and printing. Great! Why? Because WinORS has complete support for the Windows clipboard with corresponding paste operations to all standard office-style applications. That is, You can easily copy WinORS spreadsheet cells and graphs for direct pasting into your favorite word processor. Just format and print as normal from your favorite word processor.

    Microsoft Word file created by WinORS. Note how WinORS creates a standard table. The table is easily formatted by executing the Auto format command.

    The same table after the execution of the Word table / auto format feature.

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