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    Company Overview

    The NKD Group produces the WinORSai computational software suite for financial analysts, financial engineers, and operations research analysts.

    WinORS is superbly supportive of the academic teaching and learning environment.

    WinORS is Internet aware and savvy as it eliminates the tedious task of data acquisition.

    Over the immediate future The NKD Group plans to add new academic support features to the current version of WinORSai .

    And, of course, the competitive use policies that make WinORSai unique in today’s market will remain intact as new versions are released in near future.

    A Message from... The CEO
    I would like to extend a personal greeting to all current and potential users of our flagship product, WinORSai. Since 1985, I have devoted my career to the development and deployment of computationally intensive productivity software. Today, my personal passion to provide competitive software tools to the academic community remains strong and determined. At the NKD Group, we would like to think that WinORSai will continue to help students and faculty explore the increasingly complex decision-models that routinely characterize the contemporary leaning environment.  Please feel free to e-mail me personally with your individual message and story.

    Mission Statement
    The NKD Group is dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of analytical software to support quantitative decision makers.  We focus primarily on providing support to the academic teaching community. As financial modeling becomes more quantitatively demanding, The NKD Group aims to produce WinORSai versions that set new standards in user-friendliness and educational user support.  Our goal is to make it straightforward for you, the application engineer, to use the WinORSai product to investigate, apply, and interpret solutions to complex decision models in finance, financial engineering, and operations research.

    Company Background
    The history of our commitment to software development dates back to the early 1980s under the DOS operating system.  Owing to the limitations of DOS based software, the product base was developed around 6 different applications. With the advent of modern operating systems, The NKD Group was created to integrate all separate modules under the unifying spreadsheet interface to produce an integrated suite of tools. The result is the WinORSai analytical system.  Additionally, The NKD Group is actively engaged in research projects across many disciplines. Research applications in banking asset-liability management (Punjab Bank, India), food distribution (Tyson), and pharmaceutical cancer research (Pfizer) now describe the portfolio of applications.

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