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Employment Overview
The NKD Group employee portfolio is includes some very talented individuals from a number of different disciplines. Our employees have an extended range of qualifications.  Some require Ph.D. degrees in targeted application areas.  Some require writing skills that may be evidenced by professional accomplishments. But, all of our employees must share one common trait -- a commitment to quality.

Employment Policies
The NKD Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. When we do seek new employees we encourage applications from the global community. Because many of the modules used by the NKD Group are formulated as components, we have developed an excellent track record of working with employees from around the globe.  Please ask about our Work Standards policy for specific details on performance measurement, benefits, and related.

How to submit a resume
Resumes are received by E-mail only.  Upon receipt of your resume you will received a confirmation reply with additional information.

Contact Information
Human Resources
E-mail: employment@nkd-group.com
By mail: Human Resources Dept.
The NKD Group, Inc.
PO Box 28365
Providence, R.I.,02908, USA

Current employment needs:

NONE at this time

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